Tools of Transformation 2: An Introduction to Regenerative Thinking

Tools of Transformation 2: An Introduction to Regenerative Thinking

In regenerative thinking, we consider ourselves and the actions we take through the lens of our embedded roles within larger systems. These systems can be defined by the places we live, learn and work. As we reflect on our climate action work this year, can we challenge ourselves to consider the potential of where this work is taking place?

  • What contributions can we make to the larger systems we are embedded within?
  • What value can our uniqueness bring to the world in the arena of climate action?
  • How can we make this happen?

These are some of the questions explored in Session 2 of “Tools of Transformation: An Introduction to Regenerative Thinking.” This new meeting series introduces a living systems way of thinking that looks at the interactive dynamic nature of relationships through a lens which allows all of your stakeholders — from donors and visitors to employees and the natural world itself — to co-evolve and reach their greatest potential. Please note that you do not need to have attended our first session in January in order to participate.

Climate change is a global responsibility, but the place-sourced potential to address it begins with a deep exploration of one’s own locality — from the unique effects climate change is having on its ecosystem to a vision for what catalyzing change regionally can do to the rest of the world.

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