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The Climate Toolkit is a collaborative opportunity for museums, gardens and zoos who want to learn how to aggressively address climate change within their own organizations and inspire the communities they serve to follow their lead. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be informed of our latest resources, events and other helpful information.

We are excited to announce the Climate Toolkit Listserv to allow for smaller conversations about climate change via email. The Listserv is available for any professional working at a garden, museum and zoo. We hope that members will use it to ask questions and share news as each of our institutions continues their work to address climate change.

For your convenience, the Listserv has three options for receiving messages: 

  1. Immediately: Every message that is sent will go immediately to your inbox. 
  2. Daily Digest: You will receive one email daily with all of the messages for that day. You can scroll through the previous messages to view them individually.
  3. Pause all messages: If for any reason you need to, you can pause the messages at any time. 

We look forward to connecting with you in this new way!