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The Climate Toolkit had the chance to sit down with Jon Wagar, Deputy Executive Director of Duke Farms, a center of the Doris Duke Foundation in New Jersey, and dig deep into their two-pronged approach for climate sustainability.  CLIMATE TOOLKIT:  Give …

Nature Positive / Carbon Negative: An Interview with Duke Farms Read More »

Biochar– a substance made by burning organic waste like dead plants, leaves, and wood chips – appears to have promise as a climate change mitigating soil enhancer. In fact, its potential is being researched right now at Morton Arboretum by …

Biochar Research at Morton Arboretum Read More »

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It is projected that by 2050, approximately 70 percent of people in the world will live in cities. As our cities and suburban areas develop and grow, we need to protect and increase the number of trees where people live …

An Introduction to the Benefits of Trees at Morton Arboretum Read More »

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