By Richard V. Piacentini The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and the leadership and staff of our cultural institutions— from senior leaders to staff members in facilities management, communications, curatorial, and other disciplines— …

The Climate Toolkit- Climate Leadership Meets Collaboration

Public institutions bring beauty, history, wildlife and animals to their guests, but they have a responsibility to do so safely. Pesticides are extremely dangerous to human health and the ecosystem. Most non-organic pesticides and fertilizers are fossil fuel-based and they …

How to Reduce your Pesticide Use

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Our sixth Climate Toolkit Webinar features Drew Asbury from Hillwood Museum and Gardens, Braley Burke from Phipps Conservatory and Holly Walker from Smithsonian Gardens, who discusses climate-conscious practices for pest management, scouting and communication with employees and volunteers, and biological pest control.

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Most non-organic pesticides and fertilizers are fossil fuel-based. These fertilizers pollute waterways, farmlands, and the surrounding local environment. Plus, they require energy to be produced and are a danger to human and animal health. Using integrated pest management, organic farming …

Reducing your Pesticide and Fertilizer Use with Integrated Pest Management Read more  ›

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The fifth webinar delves into how institutions are reducing their single-use plastics within their food service, horticulture and animal care practices and how they are conveying those efforts to their staff and guests.  Claudia Pineda Tibbs, sustainability and operations Manager of Monterey Bay Aquarium, Richard …

The Climate Toolkit Webinar 5: Single-Use Plastics: Reduction Measures, Advocacy and Public Outreach Read more  ›

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Phipps sent three staff members to COP26 with Observer status in the Blue Zone: President and CEO Richard Piacentini, Director of Research and Science Education Dr. Sarah States, and Research and Science Education Coordinator Jennifer Torrance. Our goal was to …

Phipps at COP26: Observations and Opportunities

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The White House just released their long-term plan for reducing carbon emission within the United States. This in-depth plan highlights priority reductions needed within the next 10 years, pathways for economy changes and energy related CO2 emissions, opportunities for methane …

Understanding Renewable Energy Terminology

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