Glasshouse Decarbonization – A New Climate Toolkit Goal

Glasshouse Decarbonization – A New Climate Toolkit Goal

Decarbonize your glasshouse facility.

Glasshouses – especially those built in the early 20th century or before – are among the most inefficient buildings. They are expensive and energy intensive to heat and cool, lack proper insulation, and are often tied to historic infrastructure.

The Climate Toolkit recommends that institutions with these facilities on their property investigate all available avenues toward maximizing efficiency and shift to new heating and cooling strategies. These include:

  • Geothermal energy
  • Electrification of heating and cooling equipment
  • Adoption of passive heating and cooling options, including earth tubes
  • Use of phase-change material

Many of these strategies have not yet been fully assessed in this niche environment. Interested parties are encouraged to join our Glasshouse Decarbonization listserv to pool resources and investigate opportunities for small-scale test implementations.

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