The Climate Toolkit

Internal and External Engagement

In order to best address climate change within your workforce, it’s important to ensure that your staff members are motivated to integrate addressing climate change as a priority in their professional and personal lives. With the right combination of incentivization, communication and reinforcement, your team will coalesce around climate change as a priority, and this mindfulness have a positive effect on operations both large and small.

Your guests are often actively looking for ways to combat climate change in their life. In one study, 44 percent of people surveyed said they “believe their actions are too small to help stop climate change” and 32% said they “do not feel knowledgeable about their actions they can take.” Only 55% of participants in this study believe they are doing enough to fight climate change. Museums, zoos, and botanical gardens have the opportunity to extend the reach of their impact against climate change by educating visitors about what they can do to help the planet. Successfully engaging visitors about climate action is essential for sustainable change to combat climate change.

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Listed below are the Internal Engagement goals of the Climate Toolkit:
Listed below are the External Engagement goals of the Climate Toolkit:

Institutions Pursuing Internal and External Engagement Goals:

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Internal and External Engagement

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