The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) mission is to champion equitable and impactful museums by connecting people, fostering learning and community, and nurturing museum excellence. The vision of AAM is a just and sustainable world informed and enriched by thriving museums that contribute to the resiliency and equity of their communities. The values of the organization are also a large part of their identity: partnership, access & inclusivity, courage, and excellence.

AAM supports a network of over 35,000 museums and museum professionals ranging from art and history museums to science centers and zoos. They are dedicated to creating a collaborative sense of community through four strategic priorities listed as social & community impact, DEAI & anti-racism, a comprehensive museum community, and equity at the core of their culture. It is also the intention of AAM to achieve specific goals set forth over a three-year strategic framework:

  • Celebrate, strengthen, and connect the museum professional community in all its diversity.
  • Support museum professionals in learning from each other, managing through crisis, and rebuilding strong, relevant, and sustainable institutions.
  • Lead the museum field in building support for museums as essential community infrastructure and becoming more equitable, inclusive, and impactful institutions and community partners.
  • Critically examine AAM’s programs and operations to ensure their values are modeled.

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